Tuesday, January 14, 2014

X-Church Sorority and Fraternity and Social Church House listings.

LetterNameSound value
Α αalpha[a] [][a]
Β βbeta[b][v]
Γ γgamma[ɡ][ɣ] ~ [ʝ]
Δ δdelta[d][ð]
Ε εepsilon[e][e]
Ζ ζzeta[zd] (or [dz][6])[z]
Η ηeta[ɛː][i]
Θ θtheta[][θ]
Ι ιiota[i] [][i]
Κ κkappa[k][k] ~ [c]
Λ λlambda[l][l]
Μ μmu[m][m]
LetterNameSound value
Ν νnu[n][n]
Ξ ξxi[ks][ks]
Ο οomicron[o][o]
Π πpi[p][p]
Ρ ρrho[r][r]
Σ σς[7]sigma[s][s]
Τ τtau[t][t]
Υ υupsilon[y] [][i]
Φ φphi[][f]
Χ χchi[][x] ~ [ç]
Ψ ψpsi[ps][ps]
Ω ωomega[ɔː][o]

Female: Beta Theta Omicron Chi Omega  

X-Christian: Gamma Iota Pi Psi Omega

Male: Alpha Eta Xi Phi Omega

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