Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The High Cunt Dog Queen of Vortemort England.

"Do what thy wilt" throne candidate, behind Princess Royal, takes heat for Vortemort killing spree in Utah.

I would really like to see the police polograph that the police took to rule out the ex-boyfriend in this murder mystery case. This article came from Vortemort Jesus's Daily Mail, England. The Temple of Ma'at atttests that Vortemort killed this woman and her two children for getting in his Princess Diana scheme way: 137 kills for your Malibu spiritual lifestyle.

Mother, 32, killed her daughters, 13 and seven, in tragic murder-suicide just one day after her ex-boyfriend moved out

Family shooting: Police believe Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Oliva (left) fatally shot her daughters Isabella (middle) and Kenadee (right) before killing herself in a murder-suicide Tuesday evening just one day after her ex-boyfriend moved out of their house
Police believe Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Oliva, 32, shot her daughters Kenadee Oliva, 13, and Isabella Oliva, 7, before shooting herself Tuesday night in Syracuse, Utah. The alleged murder-suicide comes just one day after police were called to the residence to supervise Ramsdell-Oliva's ex-boyfriend moving out of the house. He was also found outside the house just after the shootings, having shown up to grab more of his belongings. But police ruled him out of having anything to do with the deaths.

This is what the homosexuals at Vortemort Disney say that Emma Watson looks like after they have pasted her face on Vortemort lady wrestler's body. One million Vortemort Jesus's went to the gas chambers in Poland for being psychopathicly gay in the Islamic time travel. The XYZ Church of infinity is not for the puke at heart.

Asiyea: Blue Mother Muslim wife of Pharoah Hatsheshup.

Dongfu bit in China number in the 30-50 million snake moon goddess range.

China's Christian business people

By Chen Xia
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Wu Jianhua, a 44-year-old private hospital executive in Beijing, finds salvation in Christianity. [file photo]
Wu Jianhua, a 44-year-old private hospital executive in Beijing, finds salvation in Christianity. [file photo]

Wu Jianhua, a 44-year-old private hospital executive in Beijing, chose the number seven for the last four digits of his car license plate number, cell phone number and home phone number, as a way to show his loyalty to God, because Sunday, the seventh day of a week, is church day, the Economic Weekly reported.
He also attends a church event held every Thursday without fail, where he can meet and share experience with hundreds of people from a similar background -- Christian business owners, company executives and professionals like lawyers and consultants.
According to Tony Lambert's book "China's Christian Millions," the Christian population in China is between 30 million and 50 million. The reason most of the Chinese business people converted to the religion was because they came across difficulties they couldn't get over by themselves.
Wu once thought his life goal was to earn as much money as he could and buy houses, cars and as large an estate as possible. However, when his business suffered a downturn, he was cheated by his partners, his wife divorced him and he caught a chronic disease, he suddenly realized that money wasn't everything. He then found salvation in Christianity.
Christians believe that no matter what job you hold, you can honor God in all that you do. This helps take the load off business peoples' minds, as they tend to lose the motivation to work after making so much money. This also makes their lives happier, because they can feel their life becomes more significant by following Christian principles -- to work hard, live a simple life and serve the community.
As for family and marriage, the two common troubles for the new rich, Christian beliefs in traditional family values have proved to be a good solution. Many churches offer marriage counseling services and encourage believers to bring their partners with them. In the eyes of many Christian business people, their religious beliefs saved their marriage and family.
Besides, many Chinese merchants believe that Christianity could help them achieve success in business.
The Cypress Leadership Institute uses the "Bible" in its training courses. All students are required to promise God that they won't bribe, evade tax, fiddle accounts or keep mistresses after taking the classes.

King Seti I's brain gets escort into Osirus and Hathor Heaven, 333 steps above Princess Diana and Prince Mortemort Heaven. The USA needs to issue a State Department warning againsty travel to Great Britain or Greater Britain after this post.

A'shadieeyah Female Princess, cute, perfect. Wordly Visitor to Medina

A'idah: Guest of heaven, one who is returning back to Medina.

The Greek Daughter's Mosque: Rooftop II portal to University Heaven: No Men Allowed on Top.

She betrayed Judas and Jesus for a sun of God/dess tomb.

Uniquiely preserved mummy from the 30th Dynasty

One of the masterpieces now displayed in the "New Discoveries" hall of the museum is a mummy that was found during recent excavations around the Teti Pyramid. When we moved the sands we found a mummy that was the most beautiful mummy I have ever seen. When I saw the mummy for the first time I was shocked. The colors looked like it was painted yesterday yellow, blue, red and black. We know that it dates to the 30th Dynasty, but regrettably we do not know the name of the owner because there were no inscriptions to tell us. The mask is gilded. The mummy itself was wrapped in linen and is 176 cm in length. The casing is painted with scenes. On the chest there is painted a pectoral with a winged scarab. On each side there are five gods holding scepters. Under the necklace there is a winged goddess, Ma'at, with two feathers. On the legs of the mummy are scenes of the god Anubis performing the mummifications.

Read more:

Seker (Sokar) son of Th[rts]oth Pose: Fourth and Fifth Dynasty: A Jupiter Sun of God.

Seated Scribe, found near tomb of Kai, Saqqara. Fifth Dynast, c. 2450-2325 BCE. Photo by Ivo Jansch.

Prince Khafre and his wife. Just because you take on a new spiritual name when you marry, doesn't mean that you are a different person. Harvard, your bad, stupid negro brain does not work in a high temple fashion. Stolen art, your bad, Boston Marathon!

The Virtual University of Heaven has 330 Cultural Museums.



The Story of the Enki Turtle and the Disney Jesus Jehovah Hare. The Winter Quetzelcoatl Solostice is in Companion Opposition to the Summer Solostice Enki.

Babylonian limestone kudurru TT depicting a turtle, which was a symbol of Enki; 1125BC-1100 BCE (BM 102485). © The British Museum. View large image on the British Museum's website.

Seven CoatlQ Daughters black, red, and white, and the seven sisters of Nepal.

Six Coatl daughters yellow and the seven sisters of Nepal.

Six Coatl Daughters White and the Seven Sisters of Nepal.

M45/Marvin55: The Seven Sisters of Nepal: Constellation: Taurus, the Lion Killer.

Pleiades large.jpg
Color composite image of the Pleiades from the Digitized Sky Survey .
Observational data
Epoch J2000.0)
TypeOpen Cluster
Right ascension03 h 47.10 m
Decline+24 ° 07 '32
Distance440 to
Apparent magnitude (V)+1.6
Apparent size (V)110.0 arc minutes
Physical Characteristics
Absolute magnitude (V)-
Other Features-
Other designations
M 45

The Magician Crucifed under the duel snake God/dess of Israel: Jehovah, Allah, by the green krypton sun of Orion, the Athenia warror, the hunter, the gatheror, the provider.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Battle of the Blue/Red spiritual Sexes puts Nazi Christianity into a Regressive -45 degree backwards spin, disturbing heaven and earth. South loses the war; North Red advances to Green/Orange/White.

[Korean flag proposal 1949]

The End of it All: The Prophesy of Doom 320 years before the future of mankind's doom.

I don't about you, but this nuclear Westinghouse disaster in Japan is making my faith in 111 a little edgy. Where is the green-white peace, where is the earth goddess love up there.

Sirius is a Conpanion Star to Rigel in the Orion Heavenly Star Complex. Big Sister Blue and Little Brother Yellow in the Ro/So Solar Heavenly Universe: The New Church of Rome, Istanbul.

Betelgeuse has already went super nova, and its light will reach earth in about 320 years.  

Humanity will leave earth when that day will come, and the gospel of heavenly peace will have been absorbed by all the people in the world.

If I could get back the $165 thousand dollars that Vortemort LA Times and Vortemort New York Times stole from me, I could get off the TD America streets and be happy.

Union campaign to raise minimum wage
Maria Elena Durazo of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor speaks at a news conference about a study that found that 46% of wage and salary workers in the city of L.A. make less than $15 an hour.(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times / January 14, 2014),0,7051452.story#ixzz2qPsWLdkP

Yellow on a Royal Blue Isis Carpet is Gold. How many princes of Islam want to bet their heads on a Sun of Darkness in Saudia Arabia?

The Trinity of Red|Green|Blue and Blue|Green|Red is still valid in Rome as well as in Istanbul. How psychotic can you look if you demonize Blue and Green in Persia, while making the God of the Universe Blue in Israel and the Vortemort Christian West.

Are you a bug in the face of spiritual world progress? What kind of fool would we get in the White House if we paid her 5 million dollars a year salary?

Zoraster Truth Temple Deal with Iran-Persia reached today. Maat Goddess figure has 19 Ra and 17 sister Ra feathers. We said that it was o/k to enrich at 30 percent given the magician techology that is available there.

X-Church Sorority and Fraternity and Social Church House listings.

LetterNameSound value
Α αalpha[a] [][a]
Β βbeta[b][v]
Γ γgamma[ɡ][ɣ] ~ [ʝ]
Δ δdelta[d][ð]
Ε εepsilon[e][e]
Ζ ζzeta[zd] (or [dz][6])[z]
Η ηeta[ɛː][i]
Θ θtheta[][θ]
Ι ιiota[i] [][i]
Κ κkappa[k][k] ~ [c]
Λ λlambda[l][l]
Μ μmu[m][m]
LetterNameSound value
Ν νnu[n][n]
Ξ ξxi[ks][ks]
Ο οomicron[o][o]
Π πpi[p][p]
Ρ ρrho[r][r]
Σ σς[7]sigma[s][s]
Τ τtau[t][t]
Υ υupsilon[y] [][i]
Φ φphi[][f]
Χ χchi[][x] ~ [ç]
Ψ ψpsi[ps][ps]
Ω ωomega[ɔː][o]

Female: Beta Theta Omicron Chi Omega  

X-Christian: Gamma Iota Pi Psi Omega

Male: Alpha Eta Xi Phi Omega

Alyssa Milano: Has the Vortemort-25 Tattoo on the Right backside of Alyssa Hollywood Goddess. The Lower Kitty Jehovah Temple members have the tattoo on their buttocks.

Two more days until the Vortemort Hunger Games Oscar announcements are read. Let's hope that Sweet Ellen Obama Sue does come down with a bad case of the barritone until then.

Mary Pickford and invited guests get to step on Vortemort Obama Jesus Blue, H# 002366.

Royal Blue (traditional)
About these coordinates    Color coordinates
Hex triplet#002366
sRGBB  (rgb)(0, 35, 102)
CMYKH   (cmyk)(100, 66, 0, 60)
HSV       (hsv)(219°, 100%, 40[1]%)
B: Normalized to [0–255] (byte)
H: Normalized to [0–100] (hundred)

Where Does Prince Ra fit into the Rome-Isralle Equation?

The Blue carpet Sun of Ra Oscar is 50 percent gold and 49 percent copper and 1 percent Beryillium and 50 percent hollow.  Maybe, Mary Pickford will come down and pick up the pink slip on the China carpet affair.

A Coatle Christian

A Good Looking Bust in the Afterlife and a Buddhist life of 77 years is all that the tractor god nations of the Norse could ask for.

2nd Emperor of the Roman Empire
8095 - Roma - Ara Pacis - Tiberio - Foto Giovanni Dall'Orto - 28-Mar-2008.jpg
Bust of the Emperor Tiberius
Reign18 September 14 AD – 16 March 37 AD
Full name
  • Tiberius Claudius Nero (birth to adoption)
  • Tiberius Julius Caesar (adoption to accession)
  • Imperator Tiberius Caesar Augustus (as Emperor)
Born16 November 42 BC
Died16 March AD 37 (aged 77)
Place of deathMisenumItaly
BuriedMausoleum of AugustusRome
PredecessorAugustus, stepfather
SuccessorCaligula, great-nephew
Consort to
FatherTiberius Claudius Nero
MotherLivia Drusilla

If a promise was made to God/dess in 30 AD, the promise will be kept, but our X-Church ways are more likely higher than the ways of Jesus Nancy in this time frame.

An Actor in a Greater Spiritual Play died in 30 BC. Just because that was a great play does not mean that the play that was played out in 330 AD in Rome and in the Christian-Islamic Z World was not greater than the Cleo play. I travel through time, I make your stupid dreams turn to sand and rock, a Sahara Desert II.

It would be a great feat for Voldemort Disney to Resurrect George Lucas in the Dongfu, 180 degree progressive rotation, as Linda Ronstadt II.

Richard Gere playing with the Dalai Lama.

Voldemort-American God-25 and Voldemort American Jesus-23 Obama have violated their corporate lease agreements in China for engaging in criminal enterprise activity that is trying to interfere in the internal spiritual and intellectual and political affairs of the constitutional government of The National Party of China.

The government of China will buy back these leases at current value plus leasehold improvement less 10% yearly depreciation for 4 yuan to the dollar at 3.5% interest.

If the South and the West want to take up a solar 77 cross up against the Nigger Moonshine Jesus North, Saint Cleo and Saint Hadrian might give your Federalist states a little bit of help.

Subversive Jerusalem Gay Parade Klan hold Kari Krishna Protest in Beijing Subway. In and out of the fingerprint and DNA office for these 5.

From Empress Wu Wao's point of view, Caesar Augustus and the Red Rose of England are at the bottom of it all. I am sure that 2-Blue Rigel agrees as well: son, Ramses III.

Lady Gaga, the King of the Judas SingerS has been resurrected as a female-man with one breast larger than the other. OMG, was Judas's two contributionS to the scripture that bad? OFF WITH HER HEAD, HADRIAN SAYS.

OMG, I stepped on the toes of Emperor Mel Gibson, Emperor Shawn Connery, and Emperor Augustus. My bad Cleo!

Emperor Hardrian is the Pope of V-Wao Rome

Athena, the archer Constellation of Orion; Orion the Hunter, the Gather, the Provider. I count 16-17 stars in this Constellation. If you add the 16 stars in Chinese Aquarius Constellation, you will discover the Buddha's son has 16 female disciples who are married to the 16 female disciples of Empress Wu Wao. Add this to the 5 Stars in the Southern Cross and the Number is 37. Marvin star-dived for your sins. Hand Jehovah over to the mobs in China and crucify him.